vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

Whiskey Gummy Bears

I've been trying out some recipes with alcohol today! 

For this recipe you can use almost all transparent sweets, like Gummy Bears, and almost all alcoholic drinks (apart from whiskey, try tequila, gin, rum, vodka...) to make these. They are very fun at a party!

How to make these cuties?

- Take some Gummy Bears and put them in a bowl. Pour whiskey all over the bears (make sure all the bears are completely covered!)
- Put a lid over the bowl, to prevent the alcohol from diffusing into thin air
- Let the sweets infuse for at least a few hours, I left mine for about 24 hours. Make sure they are still separable sweets, and not a gelatinous mess..!
- Dry them with some paper towels, but do not let them lay there too long, for the paper towels may stick to the Bears.

Although these Bears look very innocent, beware: the alcohol and sugar combo makes it a strong shot!

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