dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Case Mod

Hi All,

Warning: This is quite a long post, telling a story about a girl with not so much knowledge of computers who decides she wants to build her very own PC from scratch (and, spoiler alert: she succeeds!)

She started with this:

But that does look a bit demotivating, doesn't it?! So let us make it a bit more clear. While all the PC stuff was waiting for her, she started by building the PC-case. That narrows it down, uh? This is what happened:

She made holes in the pirate treasure chest for the ventilation, connections with the mother board and power supply. Then she stained the wood, to make it look a little older and to protect the wood.
She hurt herself pretty badly with the drill though (this has been about 2 months ago, and I still have a scar)...:

Luckily she was still able to continue her project. She decorated the treasure chest and finished it up, so the computer stuff could finally be installed in the chest. 

This is what the back and side of the treasure chest looked like when it was finished:

And this was the end result!!

Next step was actually connecting all the wires and screws and all the creepy stuff she didn't know a thing about. She connected everything the way it was supposed to be, with virtual help from Wroen, but when tested the PC wouldn't even power up. Fortunately she started a Sherlock quest looking for the problem, and in the end she succeeded in this quest. It seemed the power switch was loose. This pic makes it look kind of freaky, yet impressive, doesn't it??

And just to prove that she was able to make the PC work (after 12 hours of work, because the company of the mother board had made a mistake in the BIOS (in the end, after a brainstorm session with Arjen, she nailed it!) ) :

Any questions? ;)

The End!

Thanks for all your support and love over time!


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