donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Muffins with Pumpkin (and Chocolate)

Because of Halloween I decided to make muffins with pumpkin. Well, actually I wanted to carve a pumpkin, and didn't want the inside of the pumpkin to go to waste.. 

This is what I did:
I made some basic muffin batter (see anywhere on the internet, or use your own version :) )
I cut the pumpkin, mashed it, and mixed it in with the muffin batter
I used cinnamon to spice it up

For a part of the batter I cut small chunks of chocolate and mixed that with the pumpkin batter. This gave a nice twist to it, and worth a try.

Put them in the oven, make sure you try not to deflate the muffins!

So I had a great afternoon: being able to carve my pumpkin, not feeling guilty about throwing away food, and having nice muffins to share with my lovely friends!

Have a very blessed Samhain!


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