donderdag 25 juli 2013

Pet Memorial

A little while ago I had to put my two little rats Dazzle and Rhea to sleep :( I decided to make them a mini-memorial. This might also be a good idea to make together with your children, as a way to bring closure.

What do you need?
A (cheap) photo frame
A nice photo of your pet(s)
Seeds, pet food (note: might not be so easy to do with dry dog or cat food)
Transparent varnish

Take the photo frame apart, and use the frame. Glue the pet seeds on the frame. Leave to dry.

When completely dry, use the transparent varnish to prolong durability and to create a polished look.

Put the photo in the frame and place it on a beautiful place to remember your pets.

Lots of love to my dear Dazzle and Rhea

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