zondag 7 juli 2013

Melon 'Cake'

Yesterday it was so hot out here that I decided to finally try a recipe that I have seen a while ago somewhere on a blog. I can't find where I saw it first, but credits to that person :)

This recipe is really easy, fresh, and healthy, but most of all: It's Ginny-proof!

All you need is:

a watermelon
(forest) fruit
whipped cream

Take a nice (seed-less) watermelon. Use a knife to peel the watermelon. 

Whip the cream (if you want, you can add sugar, honey or sweetener), and cover the watermelon. (At this point I decided to make 2 separate 'cakes'). 

The cream will be used to stick the (forest) fruit to the 'cake'. 

And this is the end result! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It works great as replacement for ice cream, as snack, or as dessert on a warm summer day :)

Love, Ginny

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