donderdag 25 juli 2013

Mason Jar Faery Garden

I decided to craft a faery garden in a mason jar. I've seen them before, and since my cats kill every plant or flower I put in front of them.. I decided to give this a try.

You will need:
Mason jar (or any other glass jar with or without lid)
Little stones or sand (coloured or natural)
Little plants (succulent plants work quite well because they need little care, but give it a try with other ones. I love to hear what you create!)
Little dolls, toys, houses or other stuff to make it look like a garden (did not do this yet, have to make them first :) )

Make sure your faery garden won't be too wet (or too dry) because it can ruin your whole garden, especially when you close the lid.

See here my first humble attempt:

Update: My cats still did not manage to break it! The jar fell down a couple of times though, so I have to work that out. Work in progress!

Lots of love,

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