zondag 15 december 2013

Yule Wreath

Hi all,

Since I already had so much fun with the Floral (Summer) wreath and the Autumn wreath (Still have to upload the tutorial and pics of those, shame on me!), I decided to make a Yule Wreath as well. 

Same procedure as the others. You will need:
- thick wire as a base
- thinner wire to attach everything to the basic wreath
- ribbon
- nice stuff to attach to the wreath, like fake snowflakes, flowers, leaves.. but anything you like :)

Make the base of the wreath with the thick wire. Make sure it fits right (or use some tricks so that you can change it afterwards if it doesn't fit right) Strap ribbon all over it, to make it look better and to make it less smooth. Attach everything you like to the wreath (make sure you cover all possible gaps) and you are done!

This is what mine looked like: 

Happy crafting, and have a wonderful Yule!


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